Welcome to Starlit Citadel

As you can see, we just launched the site and are still in the process of tweaking it and our inventory. For the time being, we will be focused on increasing our inventory in our board games line as much as possible, making it our main focus. We are also looking at adding to our Role Playing Games books but want to make sure that we keep the price as low as possible.

Over the next few weeks, we will be selectively marketing this site and seeing the response and fixing any bugs that might crop up. If you are buying during this time, rest assured we will do our best to ensure your order goes through seamlessly, and if not, well we are in this for the long term so expect us to do our best to fix any problems that might occur.

If you have any suggestions such as new board games, new role playing games, changes to the site or just special orders, feel free to comment or send us an e-mail. Tah!