Citadels game review

Citadels is a fun little game that is easily transportable wherever you go. With very few pieces, the game is extremely light and packaging is small and simple. In fact, the entire game can easily be fit into a sandwich bag and taken on a hiking trip. (which I’ve done quite a few times this year). Citadels is a game that takes between 5-10 minutes to learn and accommodates up to 7 players in its expanded version which is sold on the site.

The objective of Citadels is to build the largest and most impressive city by the end of the game. Victory points are scored from the various buildings built and by being the first to build a total of 8 buildings. Each turn players can choose from a variety of different roles each turn, ranging from the Assassin to King to Warlord, each with their own special abilities that make the games interesting to play. From directly affecting other players to more defensive abilities to abilities that focus on developing the players chance at winning, each role is important and can be extremely useful.

As three of the roles available directly affect other players – providing the ability to kill, steal or destroy a building of an opponents, Citadels is a game that has a high level of interaction. It is also requires some thought, most importantly when choosing roles at the start of the game. The Dark City expansion set that is included in the game helps make the game new and interesting all the time, with the addition of new roles with completely different abilities.

Overall, Citadels is a fun game that alters with the number of players involved – from fast and fun with a few players to longer, more involved, strategic games when more players are added. It is just about complex enough to be interesting, but simple enough to involve the whole family. Definitely a great game that is always in demand.