New category and new promotional packages

So, after discussion in-house and receiving comments, we’ve decided to update the index. We’ve added a new category called ‘Kids‘ which is, obviously, for kids games while deleting another category (abstract – all these games have been moved under ‘Family’ games). We’ll also be editing the way products are called up on the site so that products will be shown straight away once a category is clicked. No more multiple clicks.

Another big development that we are working on is a new filtered search system that will let you filter results by prices, categories, ages, etc. Obviously, this is a big project so unfortunately, we don’t have an ETA on it just yet.

What we do have an ETA on are new promotional packages. We’ve added a whole slew of new promotional packages. This includes new packages for Munchkin, Battlelore and Blue Moon. Expect a few more to be added over the next few days.