Launching a board games store in Canada – Part 1

We thought it might amuse some of you to find out how a pair of geeks ended up owning and running an online board game store in Canada.

So let’s start at the beginning. What happened?

Fencing. We are both members of Academie Duello, a historical fencing school and went for some sushi after class (you have to love living in Vancouver). We got talking about, well, geek stuff and ended up under board games. I can’t recall who commented that there weren’t many good board game stores in Vancouver itself – most were in hard to reach locations for those of us who don’t have cars. We started debating why no one had launched a store in any of those locations, going back and forth and well, we decided to find out.

So what did you learn?

That we couldn’t think of a reason why no on had it done yet. Obviously, it was expensive – in fact, the fact stands that retail businesses are probably quite marginal at the best of times, and the board game store – especially in Canada, is not considered the ‘best’.

Still, at that point, we started the plans for putting the store together. Quite a bit of discussion went into the company name and the store name. We finally decided to just incorporate the company under one name and decide what to name the board game store at another time.

But you don’t have a board game store in Vancouver right?

Not at the moment. But why we don’t is in part 2.

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