Over 200 board games now available!

Wow, that was fast. In less than a month, we’ve managed to increase our inventory to over 200 board games. Some of them sell well, some of them sell much slower, but we’re committed to holding an inventory for everyone.

We have two new categories ‘Classic’ games that include old favorites such as Monopoly, Risk and Scrabble and ‘Adult’ board games for mature audiences.

Other new and exciting games in this recent shipment include Naval Battles and Caylus Magna Carta – the card version of the popular Caylus board game.

We have a new order coming up just before V-Con so if you have any games that you are interested in, do tell us. As always, we’ll be happy to special order them for you at no extra charge.

2 thoughts on “Over 200 board games now available!”

  1. I am looking for a magnetic full sized scrabble game.

    I understand hasbro makes a deluxe wooden scrabble game which might suffice since it has a lazy susan effect and might keep the tiles in place.

    Please help!

  2. Hi Isabel,

    We can certainly look into it and will get back to you as soon as possible. Could you e-mail our main support at starlitcitadel.com address for more information?

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