New Lower Prices: the Loonie Parity Effect

We have dropped prices across most of our board games today, ranging from a dollar to over $10. Obviously, the largest drops have been in products like Battlelore (now only $49.95) or Twilight Imperium (now $64.95) but most other products have seen a price decrease as well.

Why the sudden drop in prices?

This is mostly thanks to our past parity Loonie. The sudden increase in the Dollar took us by surprise, especially when it happened literally a few days after we received our latest orders. We have always wanted to keep our prices as low as was reasonably possible (and still be a viable business) but until recently, the various costs were still too high.

A few changes in the way we make purchases as well as shipping costs to us have also helped reduce our backend cost, allowing us to flow through the savings to you as well.

How long will this last?

So long as the exchange rate holds around this level, we should be able to hold the new lower prices. And I personally would rather not edit over 200 board games again with all new prices.