V-Con and inventory restocking

Wow! V-Con was a success beyond our expectations. So much so that we ended up kicking ourselves for not purchasing enough stock for the event. A full Con report will occur, though sadly enough, our viewpoints are going to come from the Dealers Room and Gaming Room only.

Frankly speaking, one of the major problems with attending as a dealer is the fact that you miss out on so many good things. There was a Buffy and Whedonverse Sing-a-long! And a reading of really, really, really bad fiction. All of which I’d have loved to attend. Ah well, the after party’s were good!

As many of you might notice, we’ve run out of stock of quite a few of our products. We should have most of them available for purchase again in the next week or so, as we make another trip to the US to restock. So if you are looking at making a purchase, do contact us and we’ll be happy to add your order to ours so that we can make sure you’ll have it shipped ASAP.