More games, more stock and pre-orders

Tons of changes. Sorry about the con report, it’ll have to wait till I finish updating all the new products coming in. We’ve added another 30 or so board games to the site, with a lot of them suggestions from you, our customers.


Alison is picking up our latest order from our US distributors, so you’ll notice a lot of our games are back in stock. We also have a large order coming through from our other major Canadian distributor which should arrive sometime next week. That will put the vast majority of games back in-stock and add another 20-30 games to our list. As always, if there’s something you don’t see, ask!

Site structure

I’ve added a few more categories to the directory structure for the site to help differentiate products further.

We have also started offering pre-orders. Expect to see quite a few more pre-orders added in the next week or so as we catch up on popular games coming through.

Popular pre-orders already added:

Descent : the Road to Legend

Starcraft : the Board Game