Board game review for Blokus

Blokus is certainly the most popular abstract game on the market. By abstract I mean it has no definitive theme, only mechanics. The concept of the game is much like Tetris – the careful placement of oddly shaped pieces. In comparison with a game like Tetris however, Blokus is much more challenging and provides the dynamic of attempting to outmanoeuvre your opponent.


There isn’t much visually attractive about Blokus, being as stated above an abstract game with no theme to work from artistically. That being said, the pieces look good for what they are, with nice colours and interesting shapes. The quality of the pieces is also high – I have yet to hear of anyone breaking any of the pieces.

Score – 5/10 in comparison with other games, 9/10 comparing to other abstract games


The rules are very simple in Blokus. You have a certain number of pieces, which you are trying to place on the board. You must begin by placing any piece you wish to in your respective corner. From there, the next piece you place has to be touching corner to corner with another one of your pieces. At no point can any two of your pieces be touching side to side. While placing corner to corner with your own pieces you may however place side to side with your opponents’ pieces – thus you are attempting to efficiently weave your pieces through the spaces left over by your opponents. You continue branching out with your pieces until one player is out of pieces or neither player is able to place any further pieces. The challenge comes from both trying to make efficient use of space and also attempting to block your opponent from large sections of the board.

Score – 8/10 For a well designed game which challenges the mind


The greatest downside to Blokus is that it may only be played by two or four players, not three – so it requires a very specific sized group. However, for the groups that are the appropriate size this game is an excellent test of planning and puzzle skills.

Score – 7/10 A must have for all puzzle and Tetris enthusiasts.