Products in-stock, pre-orders and Christmas season

Those of you who have been keeping close track might have noticed that there has been a slew of popular games coming back ‘in-stock’. Alison finished her run on Monday and has started mailing out all our pre-orders and any other orders that came in while she was away.

So expect to start receiving e-mails with your tracking number soon if you haven’t been contacted about your pre-order. Note that not this holds mostly for products that were out-of-stock – there are still some products that have you to be released on pre-order.

Also, our distributor didn’t have the full order of Seafarers and Cities & Knights of Catan that we made, and we’re awaiting word on when his next shipment is coming in. In there is a product that you wish to order, the safest thing is to enquire about availability from us if it is on pre-order. If we are able to get it in before Christmas, we’ll inform you and you can make a pre-order of it. This way, you will be guaranteed to receive it.

A clear example are all our Seafarer orders that went out – the limited stock that we received shipped to all our preorders.

We do apologise about the amount of product coming in and out of stock at the moment – between the Secret Santa orders and a substantial increase in sales from Christmas, we are finding it challenging keeping all our products in stock. We’re doing our best and hope you can bear with us. We’re committed to getting all orders that are possible shipped well before Christmas.