Feedback appreciated?

A customer recently commented that we should have a testimonials page on the site to help customers decide to purchase from us. We did consider adding such a page, but decided against it previously because:

a) We were still relatively new and hadn’t generated a lot of customers (and thus responses)

b) We were concerned that it might look a tad ‘fake’. After all, there is no way to verify that our customers actually are really stating what they did.

So, all that being said, would it help if we had a testimonial page? We try to provide this blog and a reviews section for individual products, but would a review/testimonial page for the site be useful?

Feedback in this case is vastly appreciated!

4 thoughts on “Feedback appreciated?”

  1. You are right, testimonials sections on your own website could look somewhat fake. Since we cannot know if these are real or just made up, I wouldn’t trust them. Instead of some testimonials, maybe a guestbook? Anyway, the best testimonials will always be directly from others; if it wasn’t from the good comments I saw from, I doubt I would have ordered here!

  2. Hi Milhouse,

    Thanks for the quick reply. I’m wondering, if we had a system that connected the comments to the individual customer accounts, would that help? The same thing as our ‘reviews’ section, just for the site itself in general.

  3. Yes, I think that linking comments to an account would definitely help people to make sure of the authenticity in the testimonials.

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