Life, the universe and everything

This is a more generic, head’s-up post. As some of you might have noticed, we are not updating the site as much and getting in products as fast as we would like. A few great games have been out-of-stock for a while, and much of this is due to personal reasons.

Both Alison and I started new jobs early this year, and both get hit with the flu. Alison had it worst which is always worst ’cause she is the linchpin who actually ships the orders out. I just deal with the website and write posts like these.

Also, Alison has been dealing with a family emergency of her own this year which has taken up a lot of her time and energy. All this means is that orders and restocking have been delayed (well, restocking. We’ve tried to get orders out as fast as always where we can).

Matters are finally settling down for us all, so expect general updates and restocking to get back to normal within the next couple of weeks. We do apologise to everyone about this and with any luck, it should be the last of any hiccups for a while.