No gift-wrapping, updated FAQ and pre-orders

A few changes on the site. As you may know, we are shifting to a 3rd party logistics provider who will allow us to ship orders everyday and allow pick-ups within the next business day. We are shipping our last batch of orders tomorrow at which point, our next shipments out will occur on Wednesday, July 2nd and be much more frequent from then on. Barring unforseen issues.

This has brought a few changes:

  • No more gift-wrapping as an option. Until we work out the best way to do this, we will no longer gift-wrap any board games
  • We also updated the FAQ with some of the most recent changes (gift-wrapping, etc.) and will update it again in a few days once everything is settled at the Logistics company
  • Pre-orders are no longer being taken as discussed. We will keep the vast majority of pre-orders with us to ship but for the moment, we will no longer be accepting pre-orders of products.

That’s it for now. Wish us luck on Sunday. We will be moving our inventory that day!