Finalists for the 2008 International Gamers Awards Announced

The International Gamers Awards committee is extremely proud to announce the finalists for the 2008 IGA in the General Strategy category. Games released from July 1, 2007 – June 30, 2008 are eligible for consideration.

This complete list of this year’s nominees includes:

GENERAL STRATEGY GAMES – Multi Player category

Designer: Uwe Rosenberg
Publisher: Lookout Games and Z-Man Games

Designer: Martin Wallace
Publisher: Warfrog

Designer: Max Gerdts
Publisher: Eggert-Spiele & Rio Grande Games

In the Year of the Dragon
Designer: Stefan Feld
Publishers: Alea & Rio Grande Games

Designers: Andrea Chiarvesio & Luca Iennaco
Publishers: Elfinwerks, Stratelibri & Fantasy Flight Games

Designer: Matt Leacock
Publisher: Z-Man Games & Pegasus

Race for the Galaxy
Designer: Tom Lehmann
Publishers: Rio Grande Games, Abacus Spiel & Ystari

Stone Age
Designer: Michael Tummelhofer
Publisher: Hans im Glück & Rio Grande Games

Tinner’s Trail
Designer: Martin Wallace
Publishers: Treefrog & JKLM Games

Designer: Karl-Heinz Schmiel
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games & Heidelberger Spieleverlag

GENERAL STRATEGY GAMES – 2 Player category

1960: The Making of the President
Designer: Christian Leonhard & Jason Matthews
Publisher: Z-Man Games

Cold War: CIA vs. KGB
Designers: David Rakoto & Sebastien Gigaudaut
Publisher: Fantasty Flight Games & Pro Ludo

Power & Weakness
Designer: Andreas Steding
Publisher: JKLM Games & MOD Games

Perry Rhodan: Die Kosmische Hanse
Designer: Heinrich Glumpler
Publishers: Kosmos

Designer: Kris Burm
Publishers: Rio Grande Games & SMART

The IGA has also announced the nominations for its Historical Simulations category. They are:

1914 Twlight in the East
Designer: Michael Resch
Publisher: GMT

Asia Engulfed
Designers: Jesse Evans & Rick Young
Publisher: GMT

ASL Starter Kit #3
Designer: Ken Dunn
Publisher MMP

Case Blue
Designer: Dean Essig
Publisher: MMP/The Gamers

Combat Commander: Mediterranean
Designer: Chad Jensen
Publisher GMT

Corps Command: Totensonntag
Designer: Peter Bogdasarian
Publisher: Lock ‘n’ Load

Glory III
Designer: Richard Berg
Publisher: GMT

Marne 1918: Freidensturm
Designers: Nicholas Rident and Thomas Pouchin
Publisher: Hexasim

Napoleon’s Triumph
Designer: Bowen Simmons
Publisher: Simmons Games

Designers: Andres Fager, Elias Nordling & Jerry Mawne
Publisher: MMP

Tide of Iron
Designers: Chrisitian Petersen, Corey Konieczka & John Goodenough
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games

World at War: Eisenbach Gap
Designer: Mark Walker
Publisher: Lock ‘n’ Load

For a detailed look at the nominated games, as well as the committee members and their qualifications, please visit the International Gamers Awards website at:

The International Gamers Awards were created to recognize outstanding games and designers, as well as the companies that publish them. The awards are truly international in scope, with committee members representing countries throughout the world. The goal is to give greater exposure for these wonderful games to more and more people and help spread the word of the “wonderful world of gaming” on a global scale.