Agricola update no.2

Hi all,

Our distributor receives his shipment of Agricola today and will be shipping them out either today or tomorrow (depending on when it arrives at his warehouse). Expect another 3-4 days to get across the border, so we should have the games and all pre-orders shipping out on Tuesday/Wednesday.

At that time, we will also know how many games we have in-stock for non-preorders and will place those games up on the site for ordering. Currently, we are awaiting information of how much of our pre-order with them has been filled. As many of you know, the distributors did not receive their full number of games either.

New homepage layout v2

Hi all,

Well, here we go. Hope you all like the new homepage. We thought it’d make things easier to navigate and find specific new games or our latest promotions.

We decided not to go with the specific article listings since they are listed on the left side of the page already. Of course, we’ll be watching click-throughs and other analytics to see how this works out.

Do tell us if you like the new design.

New stock and inventory

New Board Games

Greed Dice Game
Bacchus’ Banquet
Dart Wars
Mall of Horror
Anima: Card Game
Drakon 3rd Edition
Cave Troll
Game of Thrones: Clash of Kings
Mag-Blast 3rd Edition
Warcraft Board Game
Warcraft Boardgame: Expansion
World of Warcraft Adventure Game
Lost Identities Chrononaut Exp
10 Days in USA
10 Days in Europe
Bolide Expansion Tracks
Hanging Gardens
Say Anything
Tribune: Primus Inter Pares
Wealth of Nations

Games back in-stock

Fire and Axe: Viking Saga
Ingenious Travel Edition
War of the Ring
Descent: Well of Darkness
World of Warcraft the Board Game
LNOE: Growing Hunger Expansion

Twilight Struggle
India Rails
Kids of Catan
China Rails
Modern Art
10 Days in Africa
Hey That’s My Fish
Louis XIV
On the Underground
Race for the Galaxy
Zombies! 2nd Edition

Lastly, we should add that we have added a slew of new board games to the special order and pre-order sections of the website. If you are interested in any of those games, do add them to your account for notification/wishlist. This way, we will know what games to bring in in the future.

August Newsletter

In this months’ newsletter, we have a a back-to-school sale, an update on new site features and some great new stock coming in.

* Back-to-School Sale – Check out the back-to-school sale with over 10 course related board games to make the year go faster.
* Site Update – An in-stock product notification system, wishlist options and a new navigation tree are all new features on the site.

Back-to-School Sale
We decided to put together a back-to-school sale with 17 great board games to help you make it through the year. We have only 3 to 4 copies of most games, so you’ll have to work fast if you want to get these great deals.

Site update
Quite a few updates. Firstly, we decided to amend how the site navigates and have dropped the entire ‘board games’ section’. You can now navigate directly to specific categories such as card games or pop-culture or strategy games.

We’ve also added a new feature to our site such that you can now add games that are out-of-stock/to-be-released to a list. This will do two things:
* e-mail you when the game is back in-stock
* inform us that you are looking for the game, so that we can stock it ASAP
This takes the place of pre-orders that we used to do. Now you can express interest in a game without having to pay for the game straight-away. This way, we can be certain to ship orders out to you ASAP and still be able to get in games in sufficient quantity for everybody.

There is also a wishlist system that is combined into this option. We are working on making it publicly accessible so that you can send your friends and family to the wishlist.

Anime Evolution
Don’t forget, we’ll be at Anime Evolution this year on August 22 – 24, 2008. Unlike other years, Anime Evolution is at UBC this year. Do look out for us at the vendor’s center and say hi to us! We always look forward to meeting our customers face-to-face.

Agricola update

We just heard from our distributor in the US that they should be receiving their shipment sometime next week.  They will ship our order out immediately after receipt, so we expect to have Agricola in approximately 1 1/2 – 2 weeks.