The economy and exchange rate woes

As many of you know, the stock market and the economy has been taking a major hit in the last few weeks.  Worst, specifically for us, the exchange rates have been growing much worst.

When we first started Starlit Citadel, the exchange rates were at US0.85 to a dollar.  Once the exchange rates improved, we were quick to reduce the prices of all our board games since our costs were much lower.  Today, the exchange rates are at the same levels.

For the moment, we are going to hold our prices at the current level since we have some ‘old’ stock that was purchased at better exchange rates.  However, this will not last long (especially with Christmas around the corner) and at that time, we will have to decide based on what the exchange rates are like (and are going to be like).

That’s a long way around of saying – get your Christmas shopping done now while the going is good because chances are, there’s going to be a price spike soon!