Pre-orders & a new feature option?

We recently added a ton of new pre-orders to the site and will be adding more very soon.   Along with this, we have also turned on the ability for customers to make pre-orders of these products.  Our usual rule about  pre-orders hold – orders will ship only when the complete order is available (or we’ll hold your pre-order awaiting payment of a second shipping expense).

Lastly, we are looking at adding a new information section to our site for ‘Availability’ to replace the current ‘In Stock’ and ‘Out of Stock’ options shown on the site.   The main reason for this is to allow us to keep more stock of games that really sell well (e.g. Dominion or Agricola) while lowering our stock  of other less popular games (e.g Catz, Ratz and Batz, Heroes  Incorporated) that occasionally, customers do want.  Most of these games would be games that are normally stocked at our distributors anyway so receiving them is just a matter of placing an order and  getting the games in.

It would look very similar to the feature available on Chapters for finding books.  Specifically, it would say:


  • Normally ships within 48 hours
  • Normally ships within 4 weeks
  • Pre-order

As usual, we would only ship an order once everything in the order was ready to ship.  Would you prefer an option to order games in this way and does it make sense to you?

4 thoughts on “Pre-orders & a new feature option?”

  1. Yes please!

    It would be really nice to know when something that says “out of stock” is actually something you can still get.

  2. I like the new system, but break the category down more. At least add in ships within 1-2 week. Cause I will think twice about buying a product that ships withing 4 weeks, but not within 1-2 week.

  3. I really like the idea. This would have saved me tons of problems if it had existed before.

    Trying to get the order you want can be quite a problem since what you desire is out of stock and while you are waiting for it something else become out of stock. Also for promotions its even worse.

    I have been asking for this feature before so I really really want this feature to happen.

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