Battle Line Review

Battle line is Reiner Knizai’s best 2-player game, combining the  elegance and simplicity based on set collection as seen in Lost Cities and the myriad strategic decisions of Blue Moon.

In Battle Line, players take on the role of generals commanding armies arrayed in a battle line, spread over 9 posts (flags).  To win, players need to win either 5 flags in total or 3 adjacent flags.

Winning a flag is a mater of having stronger forces, in this case, determined by the colours and numbers played on the flag (to a maximum of 3 normally).  With 60 cards, in 6 colours with strength ranging from 1 to 10, players will need to create forrmations to beat their opponent.   These formations are basically drawn from poker hands, with the straight flush the strongest down to the straight and single numbers winning.

It’s a concept that is easy for players to grasp, but throwing in flags and tactic cards make the game more complicated and strategic. Battle Line is a definite winner for any 2 player card game and should not be missed.