Pack Rat I am

So lately, I’ve been running down to the US once a week.  This is great because it means we are doing well in sales.  It’s not so great for our storage space as we continually get a ton of packing materials and boxes.

Now, the packing materials we save for reuse since they are mostly weevils and brown paper anyway and I’d hate to discard them.  Of course, that means I now have 5 big boxes of packing materials sitting around the warehouse waiting to be used (and this is the overflow after we ship everything out).  But at least I feel justified keeping them around as I know sooner or later, I’ll be using them.

On the other hand, our orders all come in very large boxes – at least 3 feet by 2 feet by 3 feet.   As a pack rat, I hate discarding these boxes for any reason – after all, I could use them again.  Really.  I could.  I mean, I get an order that needs a box of that size every… month. Maybe.

Yup, you see the problem.  I get 2  to 3 boxes of that size every week, and every month I use 1.  I’m suddenly finding my storage space piling up with unused large boxes.  Logically, I should send these boxes for recycling.

But the pack rat in me keeps going ‘mine’.  We could use this. You know. 10 years from now. Really. So for now, I’m procrastinating… but I can see this ending badly very, very soon when my pack rat nature gets overwhelmed by my practical nature.  At which point, a cleansing shall occur.

One thought on “Pack Rat I am”

  1. LOL! I can identify with this exactly! I hate throwing things like boxes out because I know that I may need them one day. 😉 (And I have a small apartment.)

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