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One of the most disappointing aspects of the switch to the new software has been the lost of the newsletter subscription data we had built up over a year in the previous site.  The importation of the data was horrendously inefficient and messed up, and by the time we had freed some time to look at it again, it had been months since the switch over.  Making a decision to not import the data again was mostly to err on the side of privacy.  Still, losing access to all that information was annoying.

Now the new software doesn’t automatically prompt customers to add themselves to the newsletter.  In fact, customers must go out of their way to do so by logging into their account or using the small newsletter box.  This has seen a much reduced number of new subscribers, a factor that isn’t great for prompting return customers.

Thus the recent redesign of the site to put the newsletter box to the right, and hopefully above the fold for most customers.  This should prompt more customers / guests to  add themselves to the newsletter.  In theory at least.  We will see.

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  1. your subscription is indeed completely screwed since I did go out of my way to reregister myself on your newsletter and yet I no longer receive it

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