March Newsletter

Lots of exciting news this month. As well, February was a great month for some new board games, as you can see.

2nd Anniversary Party on Sunday, April 19 at Noon

It will be an afternoon of gaming and is an open invitation to both our past, current and future customers to thank you for your support.

Board Games for the Community

We launched the Board Games for the Community program in the middle of February this year. The program basically provides a 30-40% discount for any purchase by a registered school, Parent Advisory Council (PAC) or community institution whose goal is that of raising funds or providing educational learning or community outreach for the hobby.

Site Updates

Our blog now has additional business articles on running a board game store. We intend to keep writing these posts as we go along, both to track our own development as well as for your interest.

In addition, the site has seen some minor changes. We have added a new series of categories under promotions so as to simplify navigation and added a slew of new promotional packagesand a ding & dent section.