Small Publisher Contest

Well, the first month for the small publisher contest is up.  We decided to go with Reiver Games since we thoroughly enjoy the blog and think both Carpe Astra and It’s Alive should get more air time.

Please post your submissions here for the contest.  The winner will be announced in the June newsletter.

Look forward to reading some great submissions.

8 thoughts on “Small Publisher Contest”

  1. Carpe Cat Astra Fee

    Your reign as Galactic Emperor is over (after your poor idea to tax air) and it’s time to leg it with as much of the coffers as you can carry! Bribe, steal, cajole your way on to a long haul freighter. Put on your best disguise and hide among the masses. If you get caught, it’s and acid bath for you!

  2. It’s been 10 years since you took charge of the Empire in Carpe Astra and apparently your long term planning skills were lacking. Though somewhat impressive at first, you’ve really let yourself go and the people are wishing they had supported that other leader…you remember the one. If things don’t change quickly, you’ll be overthrown for sure. After all, weren’t you only a minority government anyway?

    “Carpe Disastra: A Second Chance” will require you to rebuild your integrity by enlisting the help of those more capable than you. Bribe influential guild leaders and recruit advisors capable of winning the public’s favour. Have your council slander your opponents through nasty rumours, tearing down their reputations and improving your own.

    At the end of the game, the player with the most popularity points (your mother’s vote does not count) takes the Galactic Throne and wins “Carpe Disastra: A Second Chance”. So take a chance and hold nothing back. Remember that even a leader with terrible strategery can be re-elected!

  3. Carpe Beta Testi!

    The second star of the constellation Testi is going supernova… but rumours have emerged of a powerful alien artifact orbiting the dying star.

    Do you have the balls to bribe, slander and _battle_ your way to Carpe Beta Testi?

    Can you claim the artifact and the Throne before some other schmuck kicks you where it counts?

    Can you [insert more references to male anatomy in the form of a question]

  4. Carpe Laxamentum ie seize the expansion
    Carpe Impendium ie broken latin for seize the expansion
    Regius Astra ie regain the stars
    Carpe Galactus seize the galaxy

  5. Carpe Astra Redux: Magnus Frater est Vigilo Vos

    Seize the Stars Part Two: Big Brother is Watching You

    In this expansion, a new political party is introduced that you cannot control in anyway whatsoever and will decide at the end of the game what the victory conditions will be.

    Or, for those people who did not like the original game, we introduce:

    Carpe Astra: Veni Vidi Volo in Domum Redire

    I Came, I Saw, I Want To Go Home

    In essence, this expansion removes all aspects of the game itself from your memory and leaves you with a warm tingly feeling inside.

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