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One of the sadder aspects of running a board gaming business is watching all these great games pass you by and not having a chance to pick them up until months later.  It might seem strange, owning a board game store and all, that we don’t just buy what we want, but we figure it’s good service and fiscal responsibility. 

The Service Aspect of Not Picking up Board Games

Let’s  say we get a new game in (e.g. Small World) which we believe will sell well but aren’t sure how well.  We decide to bring in 6 copies on our order (excluding pre-orders); knowing that we can restock in a week if necessary.  Knowing that I’d like a copy myself, I add 1 additional game to the order.

The games come in, and I grab my personal copy, breaking it open at the end of the day.  Over the next 3 days, we sell out of all the remaining copies.  Now customers have to wait at least another 4 days before they can get their games, since I took the copy I wanted out-of-stock immediately.  Worst, if the distributor only brought in a small number (due to pre-orders or the game selling really well); they could be out of the game.  Now, I have a copy and a customer doesnn’t.

Doesn’t happen? I’ve been lusting over a copy of Through the Ages forever but can’t get enough copies in to keep  them. Heck, the dinged copy still sold!

Fiscal Responsibility

The other reason why we don’t pick up as many games as we can is because it’s just too easy. We work around these games all the time, and we normally charge ourselves cost. So games are quite cheap – but if we didn’t hold ourselves to very strict rules of what we can / cannot get; we’d have a personal collection that would be truly envious. And a business that was not sustainable. It’s just too easy to grab a game because we were interested in it.

So sadly, we watch great games go in and out of stock a few times generally before we pick up a copy for ourselves.  Thus the reason why Galaxy Trucker and Le Havre will likely stay on my wishlist for a while longer.

One thought on “All sold out”

  1. sorry! that was me that bought your dinged through the ages! haha
    I had also been looking at getting it for quite a while…
    PS tried it this week, it was REALLY good!

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