European Distributor

Well, I’ve put in an initial pro-forma order in to both European Board Game Distributors to get an idea of shipping cost.  The estimated shipping cost so far is staggering – it’s 30% of the actual cost of the games.  And that’s without adding any brokerage charges in on this.

This is probably the largest risk we’ve taken in a while.  While it’s not likely to break us, it won’t make us happy if it doesn’t go well.   Obviously, some games we’re having to source from the German distributor (who we are finishing up the details of the order now).

Our initial order from the UK distributor is:

Ars Mysteriorum
Big Manitou
City and Guilds
Fagin’s Gang
Indonesia (2nd ed)
League of Six: Loyal
Opus-Dei: Existence After Religoin
Origins: The Age of Reason
Retinue (expansion)
Scepter of Zavandor

What do you think?