Removing the RPG Category

So we just removed the RPG Category from the site, though the games are still available under a search in the site.   Hopefully, this should make browsing the site easier since it removes a mostly unused category.

Also, quite importantly, we’ve decided to reduce the emphasis on RPGs.  We’re a board game store – we’ve not brought in any new RPGs in months.  We might as well take it for what it is.  We’ll do any special orders people want for RPGs but we might as well stick to what we do best.

May Newsletter

May Newsletter

Small Publisher Contest

The Small Publisher Contest is designed to showcase small, highly rated board games and card games released by independent, small publishers. The contest is designed to highlight the best of the new board games that might be missed by customers due to the smaller and less significant publishing budgets of these new designers.

Contest Start Date: April 20, 2009

Contest Finish Date: May 19, 2009

Publisher Showcased: Reiver Games. Based in the UK, Reiver Games has published two different board games – It’s Alive and Carpe Astra

European Distributor

We now have a European Distributor based in Germany and are scheduling an order in May. Please inform us if there any specific European games that you would like brought in.

Site Updates

Our pre-order policy has been altered so please do review it in detail. From now on, for pre-orders over a month long, we will charge any in-stock games right away.

The Anniverary Party was a load of fun, with between 30 – 40 people coming out to eat and play games. It was, in all opinions, a great success and something we will likely undertake again next year.