Small Publisher Contest : MaxVeld Games Ltd.

Well, the second small publisher contest has finished, and we’ll be announcing the winner in our next newsletter.  For this month, we’ve decided to promote MaxVeld Games, the publisher of God Dice.

A fantasy dice game, God Dice has had some great buzz for it’s interesting mechanics and fast gameplay system.  For the contest, we’d like you to suggest the best new hero to be added to the game and the reasons why.  The winner will be announced in the August newsletter.

I’m looking forward to reading these submissions – the one’s we’ve had so far for the other two contests have certainly impressed me.

Note: We’ve decided to add, that if you have purchased the game from us and win the contest, we will substitute a coupon code of the equivalent amount.

9 thoughts on “Small Publisher Contest : MaxVeld Games Ltd.”

  1. God Dice: The Smiting!
    God Dice: Battle Power Magic.

    God Dice: The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend.
    Wherein you curry favor with the Gods combining a special roll to join forces and attack.

    God Dice: Hade’s Rejects:
    Resurrection rolls.

  2. I’d add a Zulu warrior. They are missing in many games with warriors but are one of history’s greatest. Certainly an oversight.

    Plus it would add yet another ethnicity to the game and increase its diversification.

  3. Wow did I ever not read the instructions. Sorry everyone. I’m such a dork lol.
    I’ll say, the Peasant Bowmen. Archers changed the face of war and didn’t require a great expense to create or maintain.

  4. I’d go with a powerful, dangerous, but reckless Warlock!

    Thanks for the contest too, it allowed me to discover a game I’d had never heard of! I guess that’s the goal of it!

  5. Cupid: Agent of Eros. Befuddles any player with love/lust so they don’t attack this turn.

    Druid – special skill can revive dead characters but not to full health.

  6. I would add a street person as a type of wild card, defends average with street smarts, slippery and tough to pin down; attacks below average unless the dice evokes his faith which devastates all others. Chance of evoking faith? 20-30%.

  7. I would have to go with Necromancer.

    Give him some kind of life draining attack, undead creation, or control over life/death and he’ll be a dark force to reckon with. Bearded, dark-purple robed and fearsome looking. Perhaps a bit of a Rob Zombie look going on!


  8. Looking at the current hero list, the “missing role” that is screaming out to me is “Phalanx”.

    There seems to be the attacker (hero), unarmed (monk), sneaky (assassin), the spell/learned (sage), range (bowman), and healer (cleric).

    So there’s lots of “tech” roles, but not as many straight up fighter roles.

    The Phalanx would be suitably armoured, have some sort of enhanced defense (spear and shield, line or formation), yet still attack.

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