Bad day for work

Well, my attempt to get across the border and bring back games was scuppered today.  By a faulty car – something in the car was overheating (probably electrical – coolant was fine, oil was fine, fan was fine.  Anything else; go ask the mechanic).

So after 2 hours of attempted fixes, I finally made it to the mechanic and deposited said car.  No pick-ups for today.  The plan is tomorrow now, since attempting to cross the border at Noon (which is what time it’d be by the time I got a new car and across the border) is not fun.  I wouldn’t really be saving much time.

All things considered, it looks like I’m on a holiday today.  Apologies for those looking forward to getting their games shipped today – it’ll have to wait a day.   This mostly deals with the copies of Descent : Journeys into the Dark, Bang! the Bullet and Steam! that we were going to get.