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Well, the MaxVeld Games contest has completed and this month, we’re introducing Drtiftwood Games, the publisher of Arctic Scavengers.

A deck building card game, Arctic Scavengers has palyers in a dystopian future struggling for survival.  You’ll need to grow your tribe as fast as possible with numerous tools, tribe members and medical kits required to successfully battle and win the resources in play.  A deck building card game with great interaction, Arctic Scavengers is a solid first game that has an expansion already in the works.

For the contest, we’d like you to suggest the best new tribe member that needs to be added to the game, his abilities and what the tribe member would add to the game.  The winner will be announced in the September newsletter.

Note: If you have purchased the game from us and win the contest, we will substitute a coupon code of the equivalent amount.

7 thoughts on “Small Publisher Contest : DriftWood Games”

  1. No posts yet? Alright, I’ll have a go. I’m hearing that players are having a tough time getting health or healing. So, it would be wise to put a medicine man or medicine woman in the game. They shouldn’t be treated as a fix all and should have a time element to the healing as well.

  2. well, I haven’t played its hard for me to figure out what should be added.

    buut..what would be cool is to bring a character that almost ‘researches’ pieces of the old world. i’m not sure how it would interact with the other card in play (again, i’ve never played) but someway of bringing old-world technology, even if only for brief spurts would be cool. an “archaeologist” character. it would need to be fairly unique, as justifying this sort of research while everyone else is trying to survive would be difficult

  3. The medicine man is a good idea, just thought of it myself and then came here to see this post… damn! But here’s a go:

    Medicine Man

    Dig –
    Draw 0
    Hunt 0
    Fight 0

    Cost 4 food.
    Has the ability to add 1 med to any purchase (possibly 2).


    Dig –
    Draw 0
    Hunt 0
    Fight 2

    During a contested resource battle you can discard your villian to force all other players to discard any 2 characters of their choice.

    Those are my choices.

  4. Well, I don’t know whether a post in this forum counts as an “official entry” or not, so if it doesn’t please let me know 😉

    But here we go…


    Draw –
    Dig 2
    Hunt –
    Fight 0

    Special: You may IGNITE the battlefield if you use this card in the Skirmish Phase. This card then has Fight 3 but is removed from the game at the end of the phase.

    Cost: 1 Food 1 Meds + 1 player’s choice

    Worth 2 tribe members

    Crazy pyrotechnicians… they’re the FUTURE!

  5. Ah – finally found the actual contest page… so, what would the Nitro Team bring to the game?

    They’d be the only card with Dig 2, so they’re adept at finding tools making them a worthwhile long-term investment, but they also provide short-term flexibility within the Skirmish phase, especially for the Initiator who has seen the card he’s fighting for and knows whether or not it’s worth the sacrifice. For example, do you lose your Nitro Team to gain a Tribe Family even though it’ll only net you two points? Or is it worth it to let the Family slide to another player, since it has no abilities?

    Plus, all of the characters on the cards as they stand looked so somber – I thought they could use a couple of dynamite-wielding maniacs on the team!

  6. I haven’t played the game or even seen a physical copy of it, but from the very basic things I’ve read on BGG about it, the game seems interesting.

    Based on the very little I know about Arctic Scavengers, I’ll throw in the following:


    Hunt 0
    Fight 1

    Special: By themselves, they only have Fight 1. In a pack (with more than one Dawgs card fighting) each Dawgs card has Fight 2. Cannot use tools.

    I was going to have something where you could immediately discard to gain food, but that seems to be what happens during the Hunt action anyway.

  7. Just read the rules to this game and looked at the entry at BGG: The game looks interesting indeed.
    I’ll add a new type of mercenary to the contest.

    Metal detector team:
    Dig 2*
    Fight 0
    * May keep 2 items from dig but have to show that one of them is not a med.
    Cost is hard to evalute since I haven’t played the game but 2 food or meds?

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