Killer Bunnies And the Quest for the Magic Carrot Game Review

Killer Bunnies BlueKiller Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot is a perennial family card game meant for older children and large groups. This is not a high strategy card game, as it is filled with a high degree of randomness; but it is a great party game that shines for large group games.

Appearance: Like it’s title, Killer Bunnies is both cute and slightly morbid, with cartoon bunnies armed to the teeth and looking scared. The magic carrots are a chuckle, as are the various bunnies and the weapons the bunnies wield. Both the card stock and general appearance of the game is of average quality – the cards won’t be wearing out after a few games but overall, nothing to shout about. The front cover pretty much gives ay purchaser the level of art they can expect to encounter.

Rules / Ease of Learning
: Overall, the game is relatively fast to pick-up once you learn the rules. It’s not particularly hard to play, with the basic rules being that players have a hand of 5 cards and 2 ‘run’ cards which are turned over at the start of the player’s round. This forces players to ‘plan’ their actions 2 rounds in advance, adding a slight strategic component to the game.

It does seem however that because Playroom Entertainment were trying to keep the rules very simple, a number of important points were missed out in the rules coverage or were hard to find. Examples include – when can I buy from the Kabala Marketplace, should I continue to draw cards after an ‘Immediate’ card comes into play and when does the cyber bunny attack the next bunny?

I also add that the rules should have taken time to explain the iconography on the cards, since certain important aspects (e.g. the pink bar indicating a card can only be played with a bunny in play) are not covered straight away.

Gameplay: Killer Bunnies is first and foremost not a very strategic card game. This is a tactical, humorous card game meant for beginner gamers, children or large groups of friends looking for a light board game. The game is not meant to be taken too seriously and should not be approached with a competitive state of mind – there’s too much randomness for the game to benefit a highly strategic player.

This is however a perfect game for those who want a simple, light and humorous game to have around the house or for those who play board games occasionally. The sudden swings in fortune caused by the sometimes over-powerful cards, the constant murder of bunnies and the twist of fate brought about by the dice can be a roller-coaster of fun and humour.

In many ways, Killer Bunnies can be seen as the compatriot of Munchkin – both have a high degree of randomness and interaction, both are light card games that are relatively easy to teach and both should never be taken seriously. It’s just that Killer Bunnies targets a larger, less specialised niche of the population.

Conclusion: Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot is a great card game to have in the house to bring large groups of players to the table – either whimsical adults or children. While this will not be the game for serious gamers, it is a good starter game that fills the gap like Bang!, Citadels or Munchkin.

Board game restock – Sept 24, 2009

Huge restock of games including an expansion of our classic board game and wargames product lines.

New Board Games
Band of Heroes : 2nd Edition
Call of Cthulhu LCG : Twilight Horror
Catan Dice Game Deluxe
Chicago Express Expansion
Court of the Medici
Descent Designer Series : Quest Compendium
Island of Dr Necreaux
Royal Palace
Scary Tales 1: Red Hood v Pinochio
Scary Tales 2: Giant v Snow White
Sorry! Sliders
Star Trek Monopoly Continuum
Stone Age Token Set
UNO Card Game
World at War : Death of the 1st Panzer
World at War : Eisenbach Gap

Restocked Board Games
Apples to Apples Party Box
Cutthroat Caverns
Dice Town
Dominion: Intrigue
Kids of Catan
Kung Fu Fighting
Last Night on Earth
Monty Python Fluxx
More Kung Fu Fighting
Munchkin Card Game
Munchkin 3: Clerical Errors
Munchkin 4: The Need for Steed
Munchkin 5: De-Ranged
Munchkin 6 Demented Dungeons
Munchkin 7: More Good Cards
Munchkin Booty
Munchkin Impossible
No Thanks
Once Upon A time Card Game
Red November
Risk : Balance of Power
Samurai Card Game
Sorry! Vintage
Star Munchkin
Stone Age
Traders of Carthage

Store restock – Sept 17, 2009

New Board Games
Ad Astra
Batt’l Kha’os
Burn In Hell
Caesar’s Gallic War
Hold the Line: French and Indian War Expansion Set
Pandemic: On the Brink
Runebound 2nd Edition: Relics of Legend
Runebound 2nd Edition: The Scepter of Kyros
Terra Nova

Restocked Board Games
A Touch of Evil Supernatural Game
Age of Conan The Boadgame
Asia Engulfed
Call of Cthulhu LCG Ancient Horror Asylum Pack
Call of Cthulhu LCG: Antediluvian Dreams Asylum Pack
Call of Cthulhu LCG: The Path to Y’ha-Nthlei Asylum Pack
Call of Cthulhu LCG: The Terror of the Tides Asylum Pack
Call of Cthulhu LCG: Thing from the Shore Asylum Pack
Call ofCthulhu LCG Core Set
Arkham Horror Board Game
Drakon 3rd Edition
En Garde!
Munchkin Card Game
Munchkin Quest
Once Upon a Time: Dark Tales
Sutters Mill

Competitor Data – Or the long road left to follow

I recently went and visited Alexa to check up on our positioning on the web.  For those who don’t know, Alexa ranks websites by the traffic that they receive.  It’s data collection method and ranking is notoriously flawed, but since no one else has anything better, it’s still used.  To quickly summarise, data and rankings are generated by tracking the visits of individuals who have downloaded the Alexa toolbar.  This is obviously a sub-set and of a sub-set of the browsing population.

It’s interesting to see that we are currently ranked, by Alexa as the 1,658, 210th most visited website on the planet.  Of which, nearly 60% of all our traffic is from the US.  Many of our other major Canadian competitors are all ranked slightly higher than us except  for one whose rank is significantly higher at 763,224.

Now, the truly interesting bit for us is the fact that our competitors are considered the 33,103th, 65,307 and 207,157th most visited website for Canadians, while we don’t even rank.

Combined with some other competitive data we’ve found, we’re at least  4 time smaller, if not 5; than some of the other sites out there.

So, as a Canadian board game store, we’re still a distance behind.  On the other hand, some of these stores have been around for 10 years now, and many more launched in 2002 – 2005.  So we’re still very much the new kid on the block.

Truthfully, knowing how far there is to go is actually quite inspiring.  It’s obvious that running an online store is a viable business, and that there’s still a lot more that we can do to before we become the store to beat in Canada.  I’m looking forward to seeing  where we are in a year’s time

Vampire : Prince of the City Review

Vampire : Prince of the City is a game of Machiavellian politics, area control and backstabbing. Yup, it’s translated the RPG very well into a board game for 3 to 5 players, with players taking control of one of five Primogen in an attempt to gain sufficient prestige to be voted Prince of the city at the end of the game. A tense, backstabbing game of intrigue and politics, this is not a game for those groups who want everybody to play nice.

Appearance: Very good, with the artwork and miniatures all designed to coincide with White Wolf’s existing artwork. For those who have played their games, the artwork will help you fall into the theme of the game better. From a newcomers point of view, the work is rather dark and gothic and some of the colours might be a tad too close for those with colour blindness issues, but otherwise, the artwork on the board, cards and miniatures is of good quality.

Rules / Ease of Learning: This is perhaps Vampire: Prince of the City’s greatest flaw. The game breaks down into 5 phases per turn, with each phases rules being at first, simple to learn, but later on, quite complex due to minute errata and rules. The 5 rounds consist of Resource Collection; Movement; Challenge, Influence and Resolution Phases.

The Resource Collection phase begins with players able to take two actions from a list of 5; the majority actions being either to draw more cards, hunt for Vitae (blood) or raise a vampire (even yourself) from Torpor (unconsciousness). Players can only hold 3 cards and play 5 cards at any one time during this phase.

Movement is perhaps the simplest phase (but very important one due to how players can influence the board) as players can move to any location on the board. The challenge phase allows players to challenge individual characters or events that occur – with personal prestige being won for event challenges that are completed. Of course, if you fail a challenge, you can lose prestige or worst!

The Influence phase allows players to gain ‘influence counters’ to take over specific zones of influence. Control all the zones of influence and you gain a Domain, which provides more influence counters in the next game. Again here, there are minor errata on what type of areas you can influence. Finally, the Resolution Phase is where you resolve and count up the prestige with the Regent (first player) being chosen from the individual with the highest prestige.

The rulebook is written like a RPG book – a ton of text, with few bullet points to highlight exceptions or rules. This makes it hard to check for specific problems, and is perhaps the biggest failing of the game. Certainly it made our first game much longer than it should have.

Gameplay: You will have fun in your first game of Vampire : Prince of the City if you can ignore the constant searching for errata, since the base game is quite easy to get into and the events and challenges make the game intriguing. Also, the fact that this is a political game ensures that with the right group, the game is going to be thrilling.

It’s in subsequent games though that you will find true enjoyment as you realise the depth of strategy available, from backstabbing to specific challenges you can take to gain control. While the backbone of the game is area control, the ability to personally challenge and ‘hurt’ other players gives specific characters an interesting strategic dimension to these influence battles as they can potentially ‘force‘ another player to remove themselves from a region.

None of the characters seem over-powered and the fact that the characters each have their own series of ‘disciplines’ allow for quite a bit of repeat play value.

The game particularly benefits from a game group that has played it a few times, since (hopefully) they will all develop in their strategies and tactics, providing depth to the game through the gameplay.

Conclusion: Vampire: Prince of the City is a solid game that truly brings the idea of backstabbing and fighting to the fore, with players who enjoy the original RPG definitely being a fan of the board game. This is Vampire Diplomacy at its best with backstabbing, bestial battles and vitae hunting to the max.

Board Game restock – Sept 10, 09

New Board Games
Pass the Pigs
Samurai Card Game
The Kaiser’s Pirates

Restocked Board Games
2 de Mayo
Apples to Apples Party Game
Battle Line
Battlefields of Olympus
Cosmic Encounter
Ghost Stories
Halli Galli
Memoir ’44 Terrain Pack Exp
Munchkin Card Game
Saint Petersburg Expansion
StarCraft: Brood War Expansion
Wits & Wagers 2nd Edition
World of Warcraft : Shadow of War

August Best Sellers

As always, the latest bestsellers have gone up at on the main site. As a comparison, here’s July 2009’s bestsellers.

Dominion : Intrigue
1. Dominion : Intrigue

2. Agricola

3. Settlers of Catan

4. Small World

5. Carcassonne Big Box 2

6. Dominion

7. Power Grid

8. Puerto Rico

9. Bang! : the Bullet

10. Citadels Card Game

In addition, here are the bestselling board games that were released in 2009 for the month of July.

Dominion : Intrigue
1. Dominion : Intrigue

2. Small World

3. Carcassonne Big Box 2

4. Bang! : the Bullet

5. Space Alert

6. Tales of the Arabian Nights

7. Galaxy Trucker : the Big Expansion

8. Snow Tails

9. Arctic Scavengers

10. Le Havre

New Board Games

We’ve received a whole series of board games including from our European distributor and our other main distributors. You’ll find some great games out here today including:
New Board Games
A Touch of Evil : Hero Pack 1
A Touch of Evil : Something Wicked
Battlestar Galactica : Pegasus Expansion
Big Points
Handelsfursten 2nd Edition
High Society
Perry Rhodan – Komische Hansen
Planet Steam
Reef Encounter 2
Run for your Life, Candyman!
Settlers of Catan : Replacement Card Deck
Warhammer: Chaos In The Old World

Restocked Board Games
… aber bitte mit Sahne
A House Divided
Bang! 4th Edition
Call of Cthulhu LCG Core Set
Carcassonne : the River 2
Carcassonne Big Box 2
Cash ‘n Guns
Descent Journeys in the Dark
Descent : Road to Legend
Dirty Minds
Dragon Parade
Drakon 3rd Ed
Elusive Victory
Formula De (’08)
Heroscape Master Set
Light Speed
Name of the Rose
Puerto Rico
Race of the Galaxy: Rebel vs Imperium
Red Dragon Inn
Risk : Balance of Power
Risk : Godstorm
Saint Petersburg Expansion
Wits & Wagers 2nd Edition