Small Publisher Contest : Your Move Games

Well, we’re finally starting up the next small publisher contest.  It’s now time for the next contest and we’re highlighting Your Move Games who have donated a copy of Battle for Hill 218 and Battleground : Punic Wars shipped to anywhere in Canada. If contestant winner is outside of Canada, equivalent amount reduction in cost of shipping will be provided.

If the contest winner has purchased the games before; we will substitute a coupon of equivalent product value.

For the contest, we’d like you to suggest the best new battleground for their next expansion in their series.

Please post your submissions here for the contest.  The winner will be announced in the November newsletter.

We are looking forward to reading some great submissions.

11 thoughts on “Small Publisher Contest : Your Move Games”

  1. Battlegrounds: Castle warfare!

    I really enjoy battlegrounds, but I’ve always wanted to setup scenarios where one faction had to defend a castle or structure.

    The expansion/pack should include:

    – Cards as building blocks allowing you to build elaborate and dynamic castles. This should include
    – Basic wall structures with joins, left/right joins, etc. Flexible enough to build small forts or huge castles.
    – Different types of doors
    – Defensive structures like oil, moats, etc.

    – Siege engines. Catapults, ladders, battering rams and other items for the attacking faction to use.

    I’m now really excited by this concept and may make this myself for my own battleground games 🙂

  2. I’d love to see a card game that replays some battles from the Boer war. Not only is this war under-represented in the lighter wargames market, its setting and period would allow for some really neat thematic elements and art.

    Famous figures that were somehow involved in the Boer war include Winston Churchill, Lord Baden-Powell, Arthur Conan Doyle and Mahatma Gandhi- I think that there are a lot of possibilities here…

  3. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Fantasy genre, but definitely prefer the science-fiction side of things. Ideas for expansions could be generic (aliens, robot/mech, superpowered humans) or maybe based on certain book series (star trek, star wars, ender’s game, etc.)

  4. If I had to pick a battle that I don’t think has been used in a game yet I would have to say the Battle of Jericho would be interesting. You could take it even further really and do Joshua’s entire campaign. It has everything in it. Epic battles, coalitions, and tons of strategy.

    The other one worth looking at would be Caesars battles with the Gauls. In both cases there are instances in the battles and wars in which the outcome could have gone in totally different directions.

    Both of these battles/wars had tons of tactics involved and major mistake lead to down falls. The Joshua campaigns though I think are both brutal and epic and provide tons of possibilities.

  5. I think an interesting battle could be based on the Wars of the Roses. The artwork between the sides really sets up itself with the White Rose of the House of York and the Red Rose of the House of Lancaster.

    There are also a ton of interesting historical figures, and the use of mercenaries and followers in the actual war could translate nicely into tactical decisions about getting mercenaries and building up your forces.

    Also the actual fighting took place a good time for these types of games, because you can rope in castles and moats and seige weapons and that kind of thing that were all used at the time.

  6. Fantasy based games are fun – however the good vs evil can get old pretty quick. I’d like to see a battleground based around traditionaly evil charcters: orcs vs goblins, or some goblin civil war action. If you had to go good vs evil, then factions and characters from George R R Martins’ “A Song of Ice and Fire” world would go down a treat!

  7. I would be interested in seeing some interesting battles such as that of the Battle of Agincourt, or possibly some during the time of Alfred the Great (i.e. Wessex vs. the Danes/Vikings).

  8. I’d like to see Segoku period Samurai or English Civil War. The strengths of both periods is that a single deck can be used for both sides.

  9. I think the next set should be Conquistadors vs. Aztecs. The Conquistadors would have smaller forces but be more powerful. The Aztecs’ numbers would be greater but would not have the advanced weapons of their conquerors. This is an interesting time in history and is not addressed in any game that I am aware of.

  10. How about a battle highlighting female fighters. Maybe something based the Russian female snipers in WWII. Or something more based in fantasy like amazons.

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