God Dice – a board game review

God Dice is a direct, combative player-vs.-player dice game which pit’s a player’s set of heroes against his opponents in a fight to the death.  Players roll a series of 9 dice to determine which attack they will be able to produce, but each battle risks the potential intervention of the Gods themselves, for better or worst.  A fun, fast moving dice game, this is a perfect filler and a must for those who love the thrill of the dice.

Appearance:  God Dice comes in a tiny tuck box that contains the set of dice and the character cards. The dice have a nice heft to them and the iconography on the dice is easy to distinguish.  Artwork on the character cards is average – the layout is functional and the character pictures are indicative of the characters, if not great.  Overall, it’s not bad, but it ain’t great.

Rules / Ease of Learning: The rules of God Dice are extremely easy to learn and teach.  It took us all of 2 minutes to learn the rules, with the majority of the time perusing the actual character cards.  Players must choose one of six characters for each conflict, with there only being two duplicates per character type.  Each character has a series of special attacks that dictate their play style and their standing in the group.   This ranges from the ‘Hero’ with his enormous amount of hit points but low damage attacks to specialised characters like the cleric, bownman and monk to the high damage Sage and Assassin.

Once characters are chosen, players may only attack the player to their left.  In each round, the attacking player chooses his attacking character and the defending player his defending character.  Then the God Dice are rolled to see who (if any) are favoured.  At that point, the remaining nine (9) attack dice are rolled.

Players may re-roll each symbol type once – symbols include Wild, Damage (5 points always), Red, Blue and Yellow Sigils.  To successfully launch an attack, players will need to match the dice rolled with the attacking characters potential attacks.  Damage from the successful attack is generally generated from the dice rolled as well as any special effects of the attack.

Gameplay: Now that the boring rules explanation is out of the way, is God Dice fun?  The answer is simple – YES.  It’s perfect for those who have no problem with dice games.  The numerous re-rolls available make it an interesting decision each turn, while the initial choice of characters dictates strategy for the rest of the game.  The numerous attacks available from each character in God Dice even plays to different play styles – from risk taking players who will go for high damage attacks to more conservative, low damage but almost guaranteed damage.

Each dice roll is a tense moment for players, and the God Dice themselves are a fun addition.  It might be a tad too random for some people, but the added randomness was a ton of fun for my game group – you never knew when you were suddenly ‘back in the game’ as characters were killed off, missed or potentially resurrected.

The only issue is player elimination if you do not use the optional ‘resurrection’ rules.  With the luck aspect of the game, it is possible for a player to be eliminated from the game quite quickly.  We still found it quite tense and fun though, as players watched the roll of dice for other players.

Conclusion: God Dice is a ton of fun. It’s got simple but good mechanics, a riveting game play and a ton of replay value for filler use.  It’s also certainly destined for an expansion, which in my mind is a good thing.  God Dice is a definite must have dice game.