Small Publisher Contest : Lock’n Load Publishing

A new month, a new small publisher contest. This month, we’re highlighting our first wargame publisher Lock’n Load Publishing who, through their Lock’n Load squad level tactical game system have won numerous awards. This month, we’re giving away a copy of Band of Heroes (2nd Edition); shipped anywhere in Canada for free for the contest winner. If the contest winner is outside of Canada, an equivalent amount reduction in cost of shipping will be provided.

In addition, as always, if the contest winner has purchased the games before from us; we will substitute a coupon of equivalent product value.

For the contest, we’d like you to suggest the next modern battle that needs to have a scenario written for it using the Lock’n Load system.

Please post your submissions here for the contest. The winner will be announced in the December newsletter.

We are looking forward to reading some great submissions.

8 thoughts on “Small Publisher Contest : Lock’n Load Publishing”

  1. Seeing as how Lock’n Load has already addressed some less well represented battles (Falklands and the American helicopter crash in Somalia – both extremely interesting battles for games), this was a bit of a difficult question.

    The battle that springs to mind is the Gulf War. There are a variety of ways to go about it that could lend itself to mini-battles or expansions. You could look at the Iraq move into Kuwait, and by tweaking the facts a bit, have Kuwait put up more a fight in that regard.

    There was also a fairly significant aerial campaign at the beginning of the war, which would work well given how successful the aerial aspet of Band of Heroes has been. Obviously the Iraqi air force wasn’t quite as competitive as was the WWII forces, but there were a fair number of American planes lost, and obviously the facts can be skewed slightly for more competitive game play.

    There are also a wide variety of different weapons that were used during this battle that likely haven’t been addressed in the WWII or Vietnam scenarios.

    The other option that I thought of would be around the battles over Kosovo. This would be difficult as there wasn’t as much organized military battle, but given the ability of the Lock’n Load system to deal with Mogadishu, I think that it could probably be adapted to the variety of fighting in and around Kosovo. There are also interesting aspects with the NATO bombing that occurred while the parties were fighting each other; players could potentially represent NATO, or the NATO bombings could be somewhat unpredictable events as players represent either side of the battle, which is probably more representative of what was happening on the ground. Either way, definitely another modern battle that has not been dealt with much in the wargame community.

  2. Hi
    Any United Nations ‘peacekeeping’ effort. Rwanda? Have the UN troops under siege with very little hope but to defend against attacks.

  3. I would suggest the stand of the 2nd Battalion of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry and 2 French mechanized units against Croat soldiers in the Medak Pocket in September 1993.
    The battle & the role of the Canadian troops went unrecognized in Canada for 10 years.

  4. The Bay of Pigs invasion, of course! This scenario is loaded with intrigue and deception. From frogmen to fanatics, rogue aircraft to counter intelligence. This Cold War scenario is a must print!

  5. It could be cool to play the Battle of Baghdad. The conflict between the U.S. forces and Iraq’s Special Republican Guard might be interesting to simulate, although it may be difficult to balance the game…
    But I would still buy it (:

  6. Why not, since others have suggested modern stretches back into the 60s, one of the Middle Eastern conflicts? While politically “sensitive” there is ample opportunity to do tactical level games that covered the period during the June 1967 conflicts between Israel and her various neighbours. Just a thought, anyway.

  7. I’d like to see Finnish Winter War as a part of this great system and series of games. It’s relatively unknown “battle” which had huge effect on the Finnish history.

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