December Newsletter & Contest Winners

December Newsletter

Christmas Shipping Deadlines

Contest Winner Announcement

For our Small Publisher Contest, Thomas Tompkins has won for his suggestion of the battle of the 2nd Battalion of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry and 2 French mechanized units against Croat soldiers in the Medak Pocket in September 1993. It’s a very interesting, though much less well known battle held in recent times and certainly rings a bell for us Canadians.

For our review contest, we had an astounding 48 entries this month. The winner is Jasmine with her review of Zooloretto.

Ongoing Contests

The monthly review contest is continuing this month and the winner of each monthly review contest will receive a $20 gift certificate. In addition, this is the last month for the winner to be enterred into the 2009 end of the year draw for the Grand Prize of $250 of board games! So start writing your reviews now, since every review is an individual entry into the monthly contest.

We are putting the Small Publisher Contest on-hold for the month of December.

Site Updates

Minor site update including the introduction of some new software to speed up the site. It’s mostly unbugged, but there is an occasional problem that crops up with E-mail accounts not saving properly when orders are put through. Just contact us directly and we’ll help sort it out.

Upcoming Games

We have a series of upcoming board games arriving from Essen 2009 including Dungeon Lords, Agricola : Farmers on the Moor, Carson City, Mecanisburgo, Pony Express and A Brief History of the World .

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  1. Depends on the games. Dungeon Lords is after XMas, many of these are expected between the 15th to 18th of December at the distributor, so VERY close to XMas for many.

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