Miniature painting – is there a demand?

So, Alison recently brought up an interesting point.  A lot of board games are coming out with tiny miniatures these days and most of them are unpainted.  Since she actually likes doing painting and is actually pretty good at it, she was wondering if there was a demand.  We’ve had a few inquiries for painted miniatures, but only once in a while.

So, is there a demand? Would you be interested?  Generally, pricing would be about $2 – 3 per miniature (depending on number and quantity of the same type)  so for something like Descent it’d be pretty expensive.

Also would you want the miniatures to be pre-painted already or would you want to pick-out your colours yourself? The first has the advantage of quick delivery (we’d only sell what is painted) while the second option would require the customer to first purchase the game from us, and then wait while Alison did the painting.

So, is there a demand? If so, in what format?  And for which games?

2 thoughts on “Miniature painting – is there a demand?”

  1. I would absolutely pay for a painting service to bling up my boardgames. I don’t have the time to paint or learn between work and family. To me there is great value as I don’t see painting a something I would enjoy as a hobby.

    Coincidently I just replied to an ad on craigslist advertising this service, but if Alison is going to start offering this for as part of Starlit Citadel’s services, I’ll gladly throw my support her way.

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