Cross Sells, Upsells and Related Products

With sales slow this March, I’ve had lots of time to work on a number of projects that I’ve been meaning to complete.  The customer rewards program was obviously one – and with that launched, I’m quite happy.

The other aspect has been fixing a number of cross-sells, upsells and related products on the site to better reflect what we have.  What a B&M store might do automatically via clever placement of their games and a good sales person, we have to do manually on the backend.  Since we don’t have a salesperson talking to the vast majority of our customers, unless we take care to showcase games, they never appear to our customers.

Unfortunately, the system currently doesn’t do this automatically.  I’ve been looking at various modules that could automate this somewhat; but like most things, it requires quite a bit of testing to make sure the settings are correct.  In addition, there’s a cost to purchasing and installing these modules.  So for now, everything has to be done by hand.

So I’ve been going back, adjusting stock as best as I can. It’s a time consuming process since load time / save time and verification takes between 4 to 5 minutes each game.  And right now, we’ve got over 1,700 SKUs on the system and it’s just going to get worst.

It’s  part of the reason why we haven’t done anything for our retail prices yet – it takes too long without getting the software’s mass import / export fixed.  Which is on our next list of things to do.