VCon 2010 – a combined Steampunk event

This was our fourth year at VCon, and as always we had a blast.  VCon this year was a combined event with VSteam – a Steampunk group that has been growing in popularity in Vancouver.  It’s a great sub-culture, and this year, people were out in style with a variety of costumes from the period.

The first day (Friday) was a tad of a mess, with tables not arriving and most people scrambling to get set-up.  The vendor’s room looked to be about a time and a half in size from last year, with twice the number of vendors.  Can we say cozy?  In addition, whilst the games room was right next door, nearly all the other events were held in the hotel next to us – so there might have been fewer visitors than there could have been.

This year, we agreed to run a pair of games table as well.   However, with over 8 tables of other games going on at one time, we never really had enough people to fill both our tables except on Sunday.  Throughout the course of the 3 days, we ran Ascension, Small World, Thunderstone, Arkham Horror and Aye, Dark Overlord! with a repeat of some of the games throughout the week.

With around the same number of guests (I believe) but nearly twice the number of dealers, overall sales were lower for us this year than the year before.   Still, the dealer’s room for congoers was definitely more interesting, with a variety of clothes, jewelry, art, booksellers and costumes to catch their interest.

I’d definitely like to thank the many volunteers who dropped by this year to help out, with our tables in the vendor’s room and the games room, it certainly was extremely useful.  Overall, VCon continues to be our favorite con to do and we’re looking forward to it next year.