November 2010 Newsletter

Review Contest Winner

This month’s winner is Eric L. with his review of Camelot Legends. In his words “Camelot Legends is a good looking card game but there is some major problems that ruin it all. After a few games, it is obvious that if the players are experienced, only luck decide(s) the winner… there is too much bad knights compare(d) to good knights so if a player get two or three good knights, he’s almost assured (that) he will win.”


On-Going Contest

Don’t forget, we are also awarding 50 Citadel Points to each approved review. Lastly, the winner is enterred into the end of the year draw for the Grand Prize of $250 of board games!

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Site Updates

We have moved offices to a new address at3 11-Rear West Cordova St. The Google Map of the location is here.

Our coupon codes system is still down. We are now doing a complete wipe and reintallation of the site on a development server that seems to be going well and should be fixed in a month or soon. Our apologies on this delay!

Christmas is coming soon, and we’ll be updating the site with a ton of new games that are making their ways from Essen & released just for Christmas. Keep an eye on the site for all this information.

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Upcoming Hot Games

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A ton of great new releases are arriving in the next few months including the restock of Dominion : Prosperity, Jerusalem, Automobile and Merchants and Marauders.

One thought on “November 2010 Newsletter”

  1. Oh joy, 7 Wonders! I’m really looking forward to this game, as well as King of Tokyo (January).

    My friend already got Dominion Prosperity and I cannot say enough good things about it. I’ll put up a review for it in a bit here.

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