Calamity and Water

The new office is great, but it does have some problems.  One of which is the lack of a working hot water radiator.  As those of you who live in BC know; it’s a touch cold out here right now.  Okay, cold for BC – I hear it’s a lost worst in other parts of Canada.

After complaining to the landlord, they came in on Monday morning to look at it – and proceeded to create a mess.   One of the screws in the radiator came completely free, proceeding to spray water across the office.  Dirty, brown water.

Cue spending the next 2 – 3 hours wiping down board games, checking for damage and placing the various  soaked cardboard boxes out for drying.   We’re still assessing the final damage, but all I can say is ‘Thank God for shrinkwrap’.

Thanks to the fact that the radiator was basically spraying direct onto the various packing boxes and not the games, we avoided damage to our stock mostly.  A few games were unfortunately damaged, but much less than I had anticipated.  We’re waiting for the games to dry out completely for a thorough check on the contents, but the worst damage was to our packing boxes, many of which will have to be tossed.

The silver lining? Expect in a week or so for us to be adding some new board games to the ‘Ding & Dent’ section once we confirm the extent of damage.  A few games might not be salvageable at all, but most are just badly stained on the front it seems.