Bestselling Games of 2010

We just posted the best-selling board games of 2010 on our site.  It’s an interesting list of games, with the usual suspects dominating the list – Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan& Citadels.  It’s also interesting to note the continuing interest of what I believe will be modern classics – Pandemic, Dominion & Agricola.

Of the three; I feel Pandemic might be most at risk from it’s close (and cheaper) cousin Forbidden Island.   Still, if we look at the number of actual games sold; Agricola might be most at risk – we actually sold less this year than last year (by 2 games); so it might be an indication of a down-trend.  Certainly, every other Top 10 evergreen game sold more for us this year.

You might be wondering; where’s Carcassonne?  The first sighting of the game is No. 23 on our list.  Quite a drop; though it should be noted that the number of games we actually sold went up.   In addition; if you include the Carcassonne Big Box 2 and Carcassonne Big Box 3 in the sales total, the game would definitely be in our Top 10.   In many ways, the release of the Big Box’s seem to have upsold more customers to those Big Boxes.

When you look at our Top 10 releases of 2010; you realise that the last 3 games released (the Big Box 3, Dominant Species & 7 Wonders) all went out of print very fast. In fact, we couldn’t get enough copies of any of them in.  So, the full sales potential of those games is unknown – we’ll certainly see more of them this year I’m sure.

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