Banner designs and concepts

We recently had to remove the rotating banners that we had been using for the last few years from BGG.  In its place, instead of a constantly rotating, interactive product display we have static banners first designed by me 3 years ago.

I am not happy.   Frankly, I think they are ugly and tired.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been feeling exactly creative recently, having been under the weather for the last month.  Not to mention just a little pinched for time for actual design work.

Worst, I can’t even outsource the work because I am lacking that most important of ingredients – a concept.  Now, I know most designs out there are basically a repeat of one another (board game cover(s) with company name) but I’d rather have something more interesting if I’m paying a professional.  Unfortunately, without at least the start of a concept, it’d get expensive fast if I hired someone to work on it.

Which leads me to the lack of concept.  I know I want something that plays with our current castle logo and name, something slightly more unique than a game cover.  Beyond that though… I’m drawing a blank.

Anyone have any ideas?

One thought on “Banner designs and concepts”

  1. Perhaps ask you fans/customers to come up with ideas. IE give the details about graphic sizes etc and then have people submit their designs. the best design you use on BGG in exchange for a game or discount or whatever. I’m sure you’d get at the very least some concepts.

    Spiel On!

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