Canada Post Strike & Backups

So, Canada Post is on-strike but they’ve decided to go on a rolling strike instead of a general strike.  At least immediately. This is a rather bad situation for them, since they are losing money during the strike and even more importantly might actually lose us as a customer full-time depending on how long the strike goes on.

It’s interesting how the other courier companies reacted to this though.  FedEx talked to us fast, called us, discussed the mater, sent us the necessary information, etc. Nice and fast and professional.

UPS – I had to bounce through 3 different e-mails before someone would contact me, and even then, the individual’s first reaction was ‘Well, due to Canada Post’s situation we aren’t providing any additional discounts’.  Yeah, I cut the call fast.

So, we’re going with FedEx as our alternate.  The others had varying levels  of support, but most didn’t have the kind of discounts necessary to make it worthwhile.  FedEx was willing to basically give us the full discount if we went full-time with them, even knowing we might not stick around.  Not a bad tactic – at the moment, I have some very good goodwill to them and the differences in pricing is actually very, very close as you can see on the site.

Our FedEx pricing estimator is on the site now, so those who aren’t willing to risk a General Strike can choose to pay the few dollars extra and go with FedEx.