Looking for Guest Reviewers / Bloggers

One of the major requests from customers was that we write more reviews on the blog. However, it’s not something I’ve had time to do recently. On that note, we’d like to put out a call for guest reviewers / bloggers.

If you can (or do) write reviews for other sites, let us know. Reviews would:
– become our property for use on the site and possibly other promotional purposes
– be posted at Starlit Citadel’s blog first (can be re-posted elsewhere, but would be referenced to our site)
– follow our general review format (that means approximately 800 – 1000 words minimum)
– be well written
– open to editing by us

If you are agreeable to the above conditions, we’d offer:
– payment either as Gift Certificates or games at $25 per approved review. Cash might be possible; but would be at a lower value.
– reviewers that take the time to take photos, etc. might receive more (to be negotiated)

This is a test run, so we’re looking at 1; maybe 2 reviewers to start to see how it plays out. Let us know if you’re interested by either commenting here or e-mailing us. Any prior reviews (or sample writing) would be helpful.