Starlit Citadel Survey Results

I thought some of you might be interest dint he survey results.  I am not going to post all the results, some of it will be no real interest to casual readers, others we feel might be a tad too personal (even if all the information is consolidated).

Game Research

Here’s the chart on how the survey respondents get information on products:

Board Game Research Methods


I’d show you the chart for what sites people visited but it’s a mess.  I definitely need to review how we ask that question, we just didn’t get the results we needed.  The only standout (big surprise) was BoardGameGeek. Otherwise, various fan review sites and publisher sites seem to be the other major sources.

On the Site

Of those customers who did the survey, 52% had purchased from us in the last 6 months.  Of course, I have a feeling that this is a biased response since the customers who would respond to get the 5% coupon would also be those with the most engagement.

For the most part, 56% of our respondents first purchased from us due to price. Otherwise, availability and convenience were the second and third most quoted reason for purchasing from us.

Other Hobbies

In terms of other hobbies, these were the responses that we received.

Other hobby interests by survey respondents

Not a huge surprise that our customers were gamers of one form or another.  What was surprising that many were role-playing gamers like myself.  Of the lines we could add, RPGs came out on top as well, so it’s certainly something we’ll be looking at closely in the near future.

Communication & the Blog

Most customers visited our homepage and used our newsletter as their main form of communication, with social media following far behind in comparison.

In terms of the blog, what customers really wanted to see were more reviews.   On that, we have the guest reviewers being added.

The Respondents

Here’s some quick pointers about our respondents:

  • 89% male
  • 11% female

Of these:

  • 55% were between 22 – 34
  • 30% were 35 to 44

And lastly, we’re a generally well educated group

  • 61% had a university degree or more
  • another 19% had some college (which could easily be those currently studying as well)


Hope you found the results as interesting as we did.  We have quite a bit of information now about our customers, some of which we’ll be using to improve the site and our marketing.  We’ll likely host another survey next year to get an idea about any changes.