November 2011 Newsletter

Video Reviews

We’ve got a new video review page up on the site.

New RPGs

As we announced last month, there’s a new category – Role-Playing Games. We’ve added even more stock and systems to the category including fleshing out our Pathfinder core rulebooks.  Do let us know if we’re missing a few books or systems that you’d like to see.

Extended Local Pickup Hours

Our Local Pickup Hours have now been extended to Noon to 6pm Mondays to Fridays.  In addition, customers no longer have to book appointments for pick-ups but can drop by anytime in our Local Pickup Hours once they have received a shipment confirmation from us.  You can read more about it on the blog.

Updated Checkout Page

We’ve updated our Checkout page to be slightly more intuitive in use.  In addition, your shopping cart will be shown at the checkout.  Let us know if you find any bugs with this program, we believe we’ve dealt with them all already though.

Upcoming Games

The much awaited Pandemic reprint should arrive this week and the Game of Thrones board game is expected either end of the month or early December. In addition, the Manhattan Project should be arriving soon along with the Quarriors : Rise of the Demons expansion, Urban Sprawl and Dungeon Petz.