The business of keeping the business running

It always amazes me the sheer amount of work required to keep a business running that customers never see.  Before I got into business for myself, I never really had a clear idea about the sheer amount of work the business of running the business would entail.  I’m not talking about marketing or design or shipping the orders out; but all the small niggling administrative details that keep the business running.

I had a full day today of back-office work, and after the day finished; I started wondering where all that time went.  I started breaking it down, and figured you all might find it amusing to read too:

8am : Deal with Distributor’s mistake
8.15am : Deal with box shipment delivery attempt #1
8.15 – 9.00am : E-mails
9am – 10.45am : Check stock levels and place distributor order for shipping today
10.45am : Deal with box shipment delivery attempt #2
10.45am – 11.30pm : Locate and fix bug on Starlit Citadel
11.30pm – Noon : Lunch & Read BoardGameGeek (Btw – whoa Kickstarter posts!)
Noon – 5.15pm : Accounting
5.15pm – 7pm : Break & Dinner
7.15pm – 8.30pm : Update site stock & Write this blog post