December 2011 Bestsellers & Hottest Pre-Orders Updated

Our apologies on the delay getting the December 2011 lists up.  We were just swamped over the past few days, but have now managed to update everything.  As always, here’s November’s 2011’s information as a record and comparison.

Following is the Bestseller’s list for the month of November 2011. We’ve excluded any accessories and any pre-orders from this list to provide an idea of ranking for in-stock items.

A Game of Thrones Board Game

1. A Game of Thrones Board Game

2. Dominion : Hinterland

3. Dominion

4. 7 Wonders

5. Ticket to Ride Europe

6. Twilight Struggle Deluxe Edition

7. Forbidden Island

8. Pandemic

9. Dominion : Seaside

10. Ticket to Ride : Asia & Legendary Asia

Our Hottest Pre-Orders for November 2011


1. Eclipse

2. War of the Rings Second Edition

3. Ticket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 2 – India & Switzerland

4. Puerto Rico Anniversary Edition

5. Power Grid : the First Sparks

6. A Game of Thrones : Kings of the Sea Revised Expansion

7. Thurn & Taxis

8. Memoir ’44 Campaign Book Volume 2

9. Mage Knight the Board Game

10. The Manhattan Project

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of all this is how big a drop Settlers has taken in our bestsellers list. The prevalence of the game outside of jobby stores has seen it drop in overall popularity with us it seems.