The Fickleness of Memory

I’m in the midst of updating our sales list right now, and have once again been reminded just how fickle my memory is.  When deciding what games to put up for sale, I go through a few steps:

  1. Download our entire catalog
  2. Remove all out-of-stock items
  3. Start deleting all games that I know have sold well.
  4. Once complete, I generally have about 700 – 800 products on the list.  I then start verifying sales in the last year.

This is where my memory really fails me.  See, in part (3) if I even hesitate, I leave the game / item on the list so that I can double-check in part (4).  Generally though, I like to think of myself as a person with a great memory.

Then I hit games like Tobago, Labyrinth the Card Game and Chez Cthulhu and Homesteaders and I realise, no, my memory really isn’t that good.  All those games have sold over 4 times in a year – which is very good in our business.

And that’s why we have stats

I’m obsessed with numbers – I run the business with numbers. If I can’t put a number to something, I get twitchy (e.g. how well is the Spiel doing for us?)  It’s not just for my own phobias though, it’s because with over 3,000 plus SKUs, you cannot remember it all.  Thus, numbers and charts and databases that record it all because your memory, no matter how good just can’t process all that information.

3 thoughts on “The Fickleness of Memory”

  1. What is scary is when you KNOW something had a good turnover, etc…. then look at the numbers at some point and go…”Oh! It sold way slower than I thought and I’m sitting on way too much stock”

    1. Heee. That thankfully isn’t as much of a problem for us so far.

      Though the ‘I guessed wrong’ one is a major issue.

  2. I’m planning a pretty large order this week and the Spiel winners and recommendations of previous years did influence the games I looked up on BGG/Youtube and added to my wishlist/cart. I didn’t pick all of them obviously -I have a budget- but it has helped coming up with a great selection of first games -or so I think.

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