Z-Man Games : 2 Months After

It’s been 2 months since the biggest publisher since Days of Wonder (i.e. Z-Man Games) has gone exclusive on us.  It’s been a rough couple of months in keeping stock for the games; as I’m sure it has been for Filosofia.

The Recap

Z-Man Games announced that they were going exclusive with Alliance in America 2 months ago.  However; they were then barred from selling to Canadian retailers like us forcing us to buy from either Filosofia (Z-Man’s new owner) or a Canadian distributors.

The Effects

As many of you know, we don’t buy from Canadian distributors.  The cost is significantly higher than purchasing from the US and there’s a lot less breadth and width among the Canadian distributors.  That means quite often we’re buying direct from Filosofia.

Here’s a few things that we noticed:

  • a higher cost per game of 3 – 5% due to shipping
  • increasing our minimum stock quantities by about 30% (roughly $1,300 dollars) for Z-Man Games
  • More out-of-stocks for longer periods due to much slower ship times

The biggest issue is the increased costs and the out-of-stocks.  It’s actually hurting our sales and I don’t see this changing.  It’ll be particularly interesting when we come to the new releases for Z-Man since we aren’t likely to be able to restock those games as fast either.  And while I understand this change is probably not something that matters to the publisher since we just aren’t that large a part of the pie; it’s still frustrating for us to not have stock of board games in Canada.