Sales by Manufacturer – Q2 2012

Thought I’d do an update from our previous sales by quantity pie-chart.  This time, we’re doing it by revenue since I actually think more in terms of revenue than quantity most of the time.

Manufacturer Sales by Revenue at Starlit Citadel - Q2 2012

By basing this on revenue, we can see publishers like MayDay games drop off the chart entirely.  With it’s exclusive agreements, Alliance definitely has a large chunk of our funds flowing to it too.  A big surprise for us is GMT Games in the Top 10. It’ll be interesting for us to drill down to see how much of that is Twilight Struggle.

SEO – What Doesn’t Work Anymore

For those of you who don’t know – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the term used when a website attempts to list themselves on the front page of the Search Engines for certain keywords.  There’s a lot that goes into SEO and because it is based on the ranking algorithms of the search engines, it’s constantly changing.  What you knew to work a year ago might not actually be valid anymore.

I’m going to discuss what isn’t valid any longer, in hopes of getting less spam:

1) Blog Commenting

This hasn’t been valid in about 2 years. Ever since the  ‘nofollow’ attribute was added, most blogs automatically ‘nofollow’ all blog comment links.  So stop sending out your spambots. It doesn’t work

2) Reciprocal Links

No, I don’t want to exchange links with your random site on porn / casino games / celebrities.  No, really.  I don’t care – reciprocal links haven’t worked in… what? 5 years?

3) Directory / Search Engine Submissions

No, I don’t care or want to submit to 50,000 directories.  The vast majority of those directories are junk and certainly not worth paying you to submit my site to.  Worst case scenario – you could actually hurt me.

4) Page Rank

I don’t care what your Page Rank is.  It’s nice you’re at 5. So what? The data is inaccurate and out-dated by at least 6 months.



Running out of Ideas

I’m running out of ideas in terms of business blog posts.  At least for the next little while – I’m sure I’ll come back to it with new comments / etc but without rehashing things I’ve already discussed, I’m at a loss of words.

So; what would people like me to talk about? Or again or in more detail? I’m open to discussing most things ; and if I’m not I’ll discuss why I’m not 🙂

We’ve got a few game reviews scheduled for certain, and I’ll be posting some data about game sales soon (once year-end fiddling with numbers is over).  However, I’d definitely like feedback on what else to write about.

The Great Unknown

Running a business is partly about being comfortable with the unknown and then making decisions based on that lack of knowledge.  It means being okay with things not going the way you want it all the time, and not ever having full control of your daily routines.

Business Forecasting

The obvious point here is sales.  I can tell you, roughly, that November to December is our busiest season, that Mondays to Fridays are pretty busy with Mondays and Thursday’s our busiest.  Normally.  There’s no certainty though – we’ve had Wednesday’s be our busiest day’s by far and Thursday’s dead.  We’ve had months that were just as busy as our November.  And there’s definitely no information out there about the industry and retail numbers.

If you are not a person who’s okay with making decisions with limited, partial or completely misleading information; you won’t last long in this business.  Or any entrepreneurial business really.  You’ve also got to accept the fact that sometimes, yo’ll make the wrong call – and being able to shrug your shoulders and get on with it.


Very recently, my entire day was thrown off because Kaja forgot her keys.  Every couple of weeks, I have to deal with emergency server / website issues that consume my day.  An employee gets sick, and you have to cover for them.

There are a lot of people who like a 9 to 5, routine job.  There’s very few set in stone pieces of work that we have though, and certainly few that are mine alone.  There’s no routine and my workload varies on a daily basis – and sometimes, hourly. If you need everything to be pre-planned out, then running a game store isn’t for you.

The Unknown is part of the fun really, part of the joy of running your own business.  There’s no more boss, no more routine and learning to embrace it just makes things all the better.