Video Reviews – Season 2 Fundraiser

As our first year of producing Starlit Citadel Reviews videos draws to a close, we’ve been hard at work crunching the numbers and planning for 2013. After a year of self-funding weekly, high-quality review videos, we’re trying something a bit different, and are reaching out to our viewers for help in making another season of Starlit Citadel reviews happen, while continuing to make our own substantial contribution to the project.

By the end of 2012, we will have released a total of 58 videos, or about 1 a week since we started last October (with a hiatus in December – January because of the busy shipping season). The frequency of the videos has been great, allowing us to provide quality new content for the site and engage with our customers — and a broader audience — in a much more personal fashion than is usually possible for an online business. We’d love to continue with that pace of production, but the costs have become a little too steep, especially when you factor in the cashflow needs of a growing business that’s been increasing its staffing and looking at physical expansion (my god, do we need a bigger warehouse!) to better serve customers.

As a result, we’ve committed to funding 26 new episodes for our second season, or a release rate of 1 video every 2 weeks. While this will allow the videos to continue and provide a good amount of content, it does little to address the requests for “More!” that we’ve been getting so often. To that end, we’ve launched an IndieGoGo fundraiser to help bridge the gap between what we can fund, and what our viewers want to see.

Our base funding goal is $7,000, which would fully cover the production costs for another 16 videos: 12 regular episodes, and 4 themed and holiday specials.

The intent of this campaign is to put together as many new videos as we can manage, and to get our viewers more involved in the process by providing new fan-centred content such as the special episodes, giving out perks to all of our contributors, and reaching out to viewers who aren’t Starlit Citadel customers (a sizable chunk, since 78% of our viewers live outside Canada).

We’ll be posting regular updates directly on the fundraiser page, and will be adding new promo videos to the YouTube channel in addition to our regular releases. Let us know if there are perks or stretch goals that you’d like to see us add to the campaign, and please don’t hesitate to spread the word to your friends, family and gaming group if you want to see even more of our videos. Thanks for your support!